Natural Fibroid Treatment-Eliminating Excess Estrogen

By admin | July 26, 2011

Estrogen excess is a well known contributor towards the growth of fibroids.  Of course, it is not the only factor, but the control of estrogen to shrink fibroids naturally is a strategy often used in conjunction with other treatments.  Reducing and controlling estrogen is a well known natural fibroid treatment and can help to stem the growth of existing fibroids and also prevent the growth of new ones.

Even conventional drug treatment you might get from your doctor works by altering your hormonal balance and reducing the level of estrogen and although this is not a permanent solution, it is frequently used to reduce fibroids prior to surgery.

Another issue to think about is how fibroids shrink naturally at the time of the menopause.  It is certainly no coincidence that this happens at the time when our reproductive years are coming to an end and our estrogen levels reduce naturally.

So, with this information in mind, lets have a look at ways to reduce our estrogen levels.

Natural Fibroid Treatment By Removing Estrogen

There are two main forms of estrogen which are found in the body.  One is naturally occurring estrogen which is there due to your genetic make up, body weight, diet and other factors.  The other is estrogen mimicking compounds which are derived from various chemicals, preservatives, plastics, fertilizers and other environmental toxins.  Both can have similar effects on your condition, although synthetic estrogen can be very difficult to eliminate as it becomes stored in the liver.

Natural fibroid treatment to eliminate estrogen can be carried out in a number of ways. If you take the birth control pill, you should consider an alternative method of contraception.  If you are over your ideal BMI (Body Mass Index) you should take steps to reach a healthy weight as estrogen is stored within the fat cells and the larger they are, the more estrogen is stored!  A healthy diet and exercise plan will not only help with weight reduction, but it can have a positive effect on the endocrine system even before you reach your ideal weight.

Eating the right kind of diet can also help.  It is vital to eat foods which have not being treated with pesticides or other chemicals and so “organic” is the way forward!

Estrogen mimicking substances are very common in the environment and it is no wonder that many of us have these stored within the body.  They are, quite simply, all around us.  Soft plastics are a major source which is one of the reasons why there have been new regulations over recent years to control the types of plastic used in baby bottles, soothers and toys.  For adults, the plastics implicated can be found in some cling films, soft plastic containers, luggage, shoes, disposable gloves and many other common household items.  Estrogen-like substances can also be found in certain cleaning products and pesticides.

Of course, it is one thing eliminating the source of these estrogen-like environmental toxins, but it is another trying to remove those already present from the body. One very helpful natural fibroid treatment strategy is to undergo regular liver detoxes using herbs which are known to help cleanse the liver, such as milk thistle, liverwort and dandelion.

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