How To Eliminate Fibroids Naturally

By admin | July 12, 2011

If you are looking at how to eliminate fibroids naturally then one step you can take right now is to modify your diet. Doctors cannot always say why a woman has developed fibroids, but there are often some “indicators” when the woman is asked about her diet and lifestyle.  Although it is generally accepted that fibroids only begin growing when a number of different factors are present, the agreement is that diet is often a major contributory factor and you really should watch what you are eating both to help shrink your fibroids and to stop existing ones growing any larger.

Before looking at foods to eliminate fibroids, lets look at your beverages.  The best drink is filtered water and you should drink a couple of liters each day.  Water can help to flush toxins out of the body and prevent constipation which can lead to a build up of toxins. Herbal teas without milk are also fine.  Under no circumstances should you drink soda or sugary drinks.  In addition, caffeine is not recommended for women with fibroids so try to avoid coffee and tea.  Fruit juices are high in sugar which is not beneficial in these circumstances and so if you are going to eat fruits, these should be eaten in their whole form so you get the benefit of the fiber and other nutrients.

Organic foods are beneficial and should be consumed.  Foods which are produced using pesticides and growth type hormones can be detrimental as they can unbalance the hormones.  Additionally, some of the chemicals used a fertilizers can become stored within the liver and continue to be almost like a “fuel” on which fibroids feed.

When looking at how to eliminate fibroids naturally, your diet should largely consist of the following:-

  • Grains
  • Nuts
  • Vegetables
  • Seeds
  • Fresh Fruits
  • Essential Oil
  • Lean Meats and Fish (in small quantities)

With regard to fruits, they are high in natural vitamins and minerals and known to be beneficial for the body.  You should always wash fruits thoroughly and eat the skins as very often, the highest concentrations of nutrients are just under the skin.  Some fruits have a higher concentration of nutrients than others, some of the best being pomegranates, kiwi fruit and blueberries.

Vegetables are a great food for women wanting to shrink their fibroids.  As with fruits, some are better than others but you will not go too far wrong if you eat a wide variety of fresh vegetables.  Dark green leafy vegetables are especially beneficial and it is often found that brightly colored veggies have the highest concentration of nutrients. It’s often good to eat your vegetables raw, where this is practical.  If not, use lighter cooking methods such as steaming and dry-stir frying.  When boiling vegetables, use the water in your sauces and gravy.

Garlic and onions contain antioxidants which are believed to help maintain hormonal balance.  Use them in your cooking and where possible, raw in salads.

Animal fats are a no-no, but there are some very beneficial oils for women wanting to eliminate fibroids naturally. Fish oils, omega 3 and olive oils are all good to eat.

You might read advice saying that you should avoid eating red meats if you have uterine fibroids.  Whilst it is true that you should keep your consumption down, there is nothing wrong with eating a small portion of lean, organic red meat each week.  White meats, such as fish and chicken can be consumed more regularly, but don’t overdo it!

How To Eliminate Fibroids Naturally – Other Steps

If you want to ensure that you deal with your fibroids once and for all, changing your diet is unlikely to be enough on its own. You should also consider doing regular liver detoxes and cleansing protocols and changing other aspects of your life.

Fibroids Miracle contains the exact steps you will need and the one to one email counseling can help to provide that extra motivation you might need.

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