How To Dissolve Fibroids Naturally. Can It Be Done?

By admin | February 14, 2012

Many women wonder if it is possible to learn how to dissolve fibroids naturally, and in some respects this is not exactly an accurate phrase.  It is certainly possible to shrink fibroids naturally, but “dissolve” is not really an accurate term.  However, for the purpose of this article we shall continue to refer to the process as as “how to dissolve fibroids naturally” as it is an often-used phrase.

When fibroids shrink, it usually happens as the influential factors which brought about  the period of growth are no longer present in the body.  There are various factors which can help to cause or at least be a factor in fibroids growth and these include issues such as hormonal imbalances (especially estrogen excess), being overweight, eating a diet rich in animal fats, foods which are over-processed, foods which have been treated with pesticides, being around environmental toxins and even lifestyle factors such as stress, have long being associated with uterine fibroid growth.

How To Dissolve Fibroids Naturally

To begin to shrink your fibroids naturally, think carefully about what you eat on a regular basis.  Although there are a number of factors which determine you level of fibroid growth, I have a firm belief that one of the primary causal factors is the diet.

On a very simplistic level, studies have been done which have determined that women who eat a diet which has a high proportion of fatty, processed foods, including animal fats are quite simply more at risk from uterine fibroids when compared to women of similar ages who eat a diet based on wholefoods, fresh fruits and vegetables, beans nuts and seeds-all of which are organic.

So, to dissolve uterine fibroids naturally, start off by modifying your diet to exclude animal fats, dairy produce and meats which have been altered or processed in some way.  Fill you plate up with lots of fresh fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts and seeds and a little lean protein each day. As well as foods, think about what you drink too.  Try to avoid caffeinated drinks, fizzy sodas, milk and alcohol and stick to plain, good old water (filtered of course!).

One issue to address when you want to know how to dissolve fibroids naturally is detoxification.  There is some evidence to suggest that a build up of toxins in the liver can become sort of “locked in” and continue to exert an unwelcome influence by fueling the growth of fibroids. These toxins can mimic estrogen which, in itself, can cause fibroid growth so it is not difficult to see the possible connection. Therefore, a good  liver detox is a great way forward.  There are various types of detox you can follow but many involve a restricted diet for around 3 days, with drinks such as warm water and lemon juice and just plain water being those you can have.  The diet is likely to exclude all animal protein and include a small number of fresh vegetables and fruits, with water to drink.  Some will only include juices and water and can be very effective.  Rather than simply selecting a detox, it is important to follow it as part of an overall plan to dissolve fibroids naturally rather than as an isolated element.  It is for this reason that I have not included a menu/recipe, but it is included as part of the strategy in Fibroids Miracle which I recommend.

Another factor which is thought to influence the growth of fibroids is stress.  Stress can have a physical effect in that it can alter our hormones, thus causing an imbalance.  Imbalances of hormones can cause the worsening of uterine fibroids and, in the worse case scenario be a primary factor, even triggering off the initial growth.  Therefore, those looking at how to dissolve fibroids naturally should consider whether or not they feel “stressed”.  Of course we all lead busy lives and it can be difficult, if not impossible to actually eliminate stress, but it is possible to reduce or manage it.

Think carefully about the things in your life which cause you stress and whether you can actively do anything about them.  For example, I used to get very stressed around the time I had to take my children to school when they were little.  With two under 6 and a baby in tow it was a pretty harrowing time-every single morning.  One day I made the decision to get everything possible ready the night before-clothes out for all three (and me!) and breakfast prepared the night before.  I even used to put the stroller up at the front door as we walked to school and I started to get the older two up 15 minutes earlier on a morning.  What a difference!  I used to think there was nothing I could do, but there certainly was-anyway I’m digressing, but that’s just one simple way which I reduced stress.  Other ways include simple relaxation techniques such as reading, taking a walk or simply a nice, warm bath.

Exercise also plays a part for those who want to know how to dissolve fibroids naturally.  By increasing the heart rate, more blood is directed towards the pelvic area which can help to ease congestion, helping with fibroid symptoms such as pain and cramping.  In addition, exercise will help with both weight loss and estrogen reduction, both of which will help to worsen fibroids.

One important point for those ladies who want to know how to dissolve fibroids naturally is to understand that it is not an overnight process and you will need to persevere.  Natural treatment is certainly not for those who expect a fast solution with little input from themselves!

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