Home Remedies For Uterine Fibroids

By admin | June 29, 2011

If you are considering trying home remedies for uterine fibroids, then there is no reason why you cannot start right away.  There are various paths you can follow, with a search online giving you all kinds of options.

When I began searching myself, it was shortly after I discovered I had fibroids.  It came as a big shock, but in some ways not a horrible one, as I really believed I might have had some kind of life threatening condition such as, dare I say it, cancer.

After the relief though came the dawning realization that there was very little the doctors could suggest as most of the treatment they could offer meant that my fibroid would return.

When I searched for home remedies for uterine fibroids, I was puzzled to see some rather strange old treatment which looked like they had come out of a witches cauldren!  They wouldn’t have worked in a million years, but what I did learn was that there were a few easy things I could do myself.

Simple Home Remedies For Uterine Fibroids

I began by doing the most simplest of things, and upping my water intake.  I don’t really like water and prefer tea, coffee and diet drinks if the truth be known!  However, I bought myself a simple glass filter jug and used plain old water and made sure I drank a couple of liters a day.  I cut out drinks which were high in caffeine and treated myself to a couple of decaf teas daily.  I learnt to love those herbal teas which I used to laugh at my (healthy!) friend for drinking and decided that chamomile tea and an infusion of yam, nettle and cinnamon could be my ally!

I stopped eating fatty and sweet foods and decided that my new-found healthy regime might also help me to shed a few pounds! I already knew what I should have been eating, such as plenty of wholegrains, vegetables, fruits and beans, nuts and seeds, so I made the effort to really stick at it. That, coupled with the water meant I had a steady weight loss of a couple of pounds a week.

Now I could not decide if it was these simple home remedies for fibroids which was doing the trick or whether it was the weight loss (or a combination of both) but a couple of weeks after I began my “health-kick” I really did feel as if my symptoms weren’t as bad.

At this point, I seemed to reach a plateau and nothing was improving and I then added some other herbs into the mix, including yarrow, agnus castus and black cohosh. Nothing happened for about a month, but my heavy bleeding reduced and I didn’t get my usual terrible painful cramps.

It was all going “ok” but my overwhelming feeling was that I was stabbing in the dark and missing some pieces of the puzzle.  It was at this point when I heard about Fibroids Miracle.  Someone on an online forum was raving about it and saying she had managed to shrink her fibroids naturally within a few months and that they hadn’t come back!

I decided to give it a try and to be perfectly honest, I was really unsure and had made my mind up that I if I didn’t like it, I would get a refund.

What I really liked about the home remedies for uterine fibroids in Fibroids Miracle was the fact that they were laid out, step by easy step.  I didn’t have to “overthink”, just simply do what it said.  Even though I didn’t really need it too much, I loved the presence of the 24 hour online counseling.  Sometimes, I would send an email just to get some reassurance on an issue. In particular, one of my main problems was urinary incontinence and at first, it didn’t seem to be going, even though I felt sure my fibroids were shrinking.  The team were really good and even directed my to some great pelvic floor exercises which really helped me regain control.

If you are considering surgery and yet know that your fibroids are not dangerous, then I can highly recommend that you try home remedies for uterine fibroids before making your final decision. Of course, if your doctor says that surgery is essential, then I am not one to go against that type of advice! However, if it’s a case of your surgery being non-urgent, then go ahead. Make some simple changes and change your life!

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