Healthy Foods to Eat For Uterine Fibroids

By admin | April 7, 2012

There really are lots of healthy foods to eat for uterine fibroids and this article aims to provide information on just a small range of those which will have a positive effect on your condition.  Of course, shrinking and curing uterine fibroids is not only down to our diets, with other factors such as our weight, overall health, exercise levels and genetic factors all come into play.

Uterine fibroids are a common condition that can affect up to 50% of all women. Fibroids are commonly benign tumors that form on the smooth muscles in the uterine walls. Although there is no known singular cause for the condition, it can affect women with a family history. It has been established that uterine fibroids are hormonally controlled therefore making some healthy dietary choices can at best prohibit growth or at least enhance shrinking of the fibroids.

Some healthy foods to eat for uterine fibroids can are listed below. All these foods may already be part of your diet. You just might need to improvise the intake quantities depending on your condition and, of course, bear in mind other advise and strategies to use alongside dietary modification.

Healthy Foods To Eat For Uterine Fibroids

Topping the list of foods for uterine fibroids are various herbal teas. The foremost is green tea. With its many acclaimed health benefits the leaves possess powerful antioxidants that have been used successfully for a long time for various medicinal purposes. The most recent attribute added to its healing powers is the ability to treat fibroids growing in the uterus. Green tea extract is thought to cure fibroids because it has been shown to kill human fibroids in experimental tissue cultures.

Another tea is the burdock root tea. The root of the weed is used to make the tea. Burdock root has properties of purifying the blood. It possesses both anti inflammatory and cleansing qualities which can be used to administer uterine fibroids. Since fibroid growth causes swelling, this root can help detoxify excess levels of estrogen. Controlling estrogen levels can help shrink the uterine fibroids and provide relief.

The third tea on our list for foods to eat for uterine fibroids is chasteberry tea. Chasteberry has been used to treat many hormone related conditions. The leaves along with the flowers and berries are employed in manufacturing the tea. According to a study conducted, 52% of the participants reported substantial improvements in their menstrual symptoms. The women experienced a reduction in bloating, less severe headaches and less irritability. Due to its antibacterial and anti inflammatory qualities, this tea is thought to be helpful in managing uterine fibroids. It can help regulate heavy bleeding that comes with having fibroids.

Other foods to keep in mind fro uterine fibroids are high fiber foods. Foods rich in fiber can assist in extracting excess estrogen from the body. These high fiber foods should ideally be accompanied with low fat foods for optimal results.

Other healthy foods to eat for uterine fibroids are vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower and brussel sprouts which are also rich in fiber. These help regulate estrogen levels. In general, dark green leafy vegetables like Savoy cabbages and kale are also beneficial. Carrots, onion and garlic aid in detoxifying blood.

Soy products have plant based estrogens that bind to estrogen receptors and prevent their activity, so they are worthy of inclusion.

Another fiber rich option is beans of all sorts. Closely following beans on the list are legumes. The fiber in legumes binds with estrogen in the body and accelerates the elimination of estrogen.

Cold water fish are also healthy foods to eat for uterine fibroids.  Examples such as mackerel, salmon and tuna have compounds that have anti inflammatory properties and may help inhibit fibroids.

There is also a long list of foods to avoid and you should be mindful of this as it is no good increasing your intake of healthy foods to eat for uterine fibroids, only to still be eating foods which can aggravate fibroids.  For more information on the foods to avoid, read Fibroids and Diet.

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