Fibroids Diet-Four Food Types To Avoid

By admin | July 21, 2011

A fibroids diet is an excellent strategy to adopt if you want to help with shrinkage and elimination and although you might be able to find lots of information on the foods you should be eating, it can be more difficult to get an idea of what could be sabotaging your efforts to shrink fibroids.

I usually recommend that before you start stringently following a fibroids diet, you look at what you need to cut out.  This is because if you continue to consume the wrong kinds of foods, then all the good, helpful fibroid-friendly foods you are eating will be doing very little good!

There is a powerful connection between what we eat and our tendency towards having fibroids.  Of course, our diet is not the only reason why get this condition, but it is an important element.

There is a genetic element towards fibroid growth, but we can influence our genetic make-up and one of the ways to do this is to change what we eat and switch to a fibroids diet. A poor diet can create hormonal imbalances, lead to disruption of the digestive process (including failure to eliminate toxins properly) and affect normal cell-functioning.

Fibroids Diet

The general principles of a diet for women with fibroids are to avoid:

  • Refined carbohydrates
  • Processed foods
  • Acidic forming food
  • Toxic foods-ie those produced with the use of pesticides
  • Certain dairy foods
  • High sugar foods
  • Foods containing artificial additives

So, lets look at four food types to avoid with a fibroids diet.

  • White Sugar – This substance has no nutritional value as all fiber and nutritious elements have been removed.  Eating sugar can cause the blood sugar to rise quickly and this causes the release of insulin.  Blood sugar then quickly falls as the insulin has done its job and this can cause exhaustion and, in extreme cases, diabetes.  Excess sugar is also linked with hormonal imbalances.  Sugar can also have an adverse effect on the immune system as it contributes to an acidic environment which can sometimes lead to the proliferation of harmful bacteria.  Sugar is often “disguised” in other products, such as breads, breakfast cereals, drinks and corn syrup.
  • Dairy Products – Dairy products are known to cause allergies in some people and this can lead to inflammation which can worsen fibroids.  In vulnerable individuals, dairy products can cause the formation of mucous which lead to a “clogging” of the digestive tract.  The other thing worth mentioning as far as this group of foods is concerned is that many dairy herds are fed with foods which have been supplemented with hormonal products. Additionally, grass on which cattle graze is sometimes treated with pesticides-both of these factors can contribute to fibroid growth. For your fibroids diet, try to avoid dairy products or foods which are based on them.
  • Refined Carbohydrates and Refined Grains – When refined, these products have fiber and certain nutrients removed.  This means that when eaten, they can form a type of gluey substance in the intestines.  This can lead to temporary blockages which in turn, can lead to a build up of toxic substances.  When this happens, the immune system does not function properly.
  • Red Meats and Other Fatty Meats – Non-organic meats can be from animals which have been fed with hormone-boosted feed.  For this reason alone, they should not form part of your fibroids diet.  Additionally, red meats can be difficult to digest which leads to a toxic build up within the gut.  If you do decide to eat red meats, ensure it is lean and organic.  You should avoid processed meats such as sausages, hams, bologna etc at all costs.

There are other foods to avoid when following a fibroids diet and I shall deal with these in the next post.

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