Exercises For Fibroids Sufferers

By admin | October 4, 2011

We all read so much about the benefits of regular exercise regardless of whether or not we have any sort of “condition”, but what role does physical activity play in terms of treatment for uterine fibroids and are there any special exercises for fibroids sufferers?

As I say so often, the causes of fibroids are very varied and it is almost impossible to determine the precise causes. What we do know though is that there are a range of potential causes and identifying and dealing with these on an step by step basis can be a good way of managing the symptoms and bringing about shrinkage.

There is evidence to suggest that regular exercise may prevent women from developing uterine fibroids in the first place and it need not be as onerous as you might first think.  You don’t have to sweat for hours and hours in a gym, but if you do around an hours’ moderate exercise daily, then you have a much lower risk than someone who does, say, less than two hours a week.  If you do happen to do a decent amount of vigorous exercise amounting to 4 hours or more weekly, then your risk is lowered still.

Research suggests that hormones are implicated in fibroid growth and taking exercise for fibroids seems to help prevent not only fibroids but other conditions which seem to be fueled by hormones.  There seems to be more evidence to show that the relationship between regular exercise and the initial growth of uterine fibroids is greater than the link between exercise and preventing the enlargement of existing fibroids.

Beneficial Exercises For Fibroid Sufferers

Safe in the knowledge that regular exercise is beneficial for the majority of us, lets look at the types of exercises which are beneficial for healing fibroids.

  • Aerobic Exercise To Stimulate The Circulation – Depending on the size of your fibroids and if they cause you discomfort when exercising, brisk walking, gentle running, swimming and cycling are all great for fibroid sufferers.  If you find these types of exercise too much, then tone down the pace and/or intensity.
  • Muscle Strengthening and Toning Exercises – Excellent for helping to support the uterus and pelvic muscles.  If your uterus is enlarged due to fibroid growth then it is of course important that it is well-supported.

Exercises To Enhance Energy Flow and Hormonal Balance – Eastern forms of exercise such as Yoga and Tai Chi are thought to increase the energy flow and promote hormonal balances whilst strengthening the pelvic floor muscles and  acting as a natural pain killer.

Other specific exercises for fibroids sufferers to explore include abdominal crunches, Pilates, kegel pelvic floor exercises and healthy stretches. Doing regular exercise along with using other alternative fibroid treatment, such as dietary management, stress control and cleansing routines is a sensible way forward.

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