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By admin | July 28, 2011

There is evidence to suggest that detoxing for fibroids is a worthwhile strategy to incorporate within any program of natural fibroid treatment.  Used in isolation, it is unlikely to be the only thing required to shrink your fibroids but removing the build up of toxins from the liver.

Hormonal build up is removed during the body’s natural cleansing processes and if they are not removed effectively, and allowed to build up, it is believed that abnormal growths can be the result, such as uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts and endometriosis.

The liver and other organs of elimination cannot do their job effectively when they are clogged with toxins or overworked.  Congestion of the liver, parasites and gallstones can all contribute towards improper function.  Detoxing for fibroids can help to cleanse the liver of toxins and, in particular, a build up of estrogen and estrogen-mimicking substances.

There are various detox plans available and many focus on an initial 3 day plan. Before starting, spend a few days eating organic wholefoods and grains.  You can include fruits and vegetables, but it is best to avoid meat at this stage.  Drink 2 liters of filtered water every day and avoid drinks with caffeine and alcohol.

You should begin detoxing for fibroids at a time when you are not too stressed and ideally over a weekend or time when you are not pressurized at work.

Detoxing For Fibroids Plan

Day 1 – The Apple Juice Day

Your first drink of the day should be at 8am and should be 2 eight ounce glasses of organic apple juice.  Continue drinking the same every two hours over a 12 hour period.  Allow the drink to reach room temperature prior to drinking it.

Day 2 – Apple Juice Plus Olive Oil and Lemon

On day two, you should continue with the same protocol as Day 1, but add another drink made up of 4 ounces of organic olive oil and 4 ounces of lemon juice.  This should be drank at 8.30 pm. After drinking, you should lie down for 20 minutes on your right side. Ideally, you should aim to go to bed for the night not too long after this.

Day 3 – Adding Vegetables

Day 3 consists of drinking 3 glasses of warm water when you rise, into which you should add the juice of half a lemon.  30 minutes later, drink 2 glasses of prune juice.  You can also eat some cooked vegetables today and continue to drink water when thirsty.

Similar to detoxing for fibroids, another natural fibroid treatment is fasting.  This is not necessarily “fasting” in the true sense as it can include freshly made vegetable and fruit juices.  The combination of vegetable juices will help to nourish the body in order to boost the immune system which is believed to help to treat fibroids.

When following a juice diet, if your hunger is too much to bear, you are allowed to have small quantities of raw vegetables and fruits, but do not mix the two within the same meal. In addition to drinking the juices, you should also drink around 6 glasses of water each day.

A typical juice diet is as follows;

Day 1 – Drink water combined with freshly squeezed orange juice.  Drink as much as you need over the course of the day.

Day 2 – As Day 1 but add vegetable broth.

Day 3 – As Day 1, but have raw fruit at lunchtime and raw vegetables (a salad, for example) at teatime.

Day 4 – By now, your system is largely cleansed.  You can get back slowly to a normal eating pattern, but try to eat healthily and slowly introduce larger quantities.

Before following any plan for detoxing for fibroids, it is wise to consult your doctor or alternative practitioner.  Fibroids Miracle contains a tried and tested detox plan which is simple to follow.  However, you must bear in mind that you should combine cleansing with other natural fibroid treatment strategies such as long term dietary modification, exercise and supplementation.

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